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The Durumi mission #2

Another mission has, yet again, been completed. On the 8th of August, 2020, the KidInNeed Society visited the Internally Displaced People (IDP) Camp in Durumi. This IDP camp is the present home of about 2830 IDPs (that's according to their last census but we were informed that there are now about 3200 IDPs on the camp). These IDPs are people who fled from the North Eastern states of Nigeria such as Adamawa, Yobe, Borno and Bauchi during the insurgencies since 2014. This particular group of IDPs had originally fled to Cameroon, but hoped the situation should be better if they returned to their motherland. Well, it has not been as easy as they wished considering the fact they get little or no support from the government. At the IDP camp, everything can be said to be inadequate: books, clothes, food, medical facilities, and even hand gloves (the local midwife has to use nylon bags to deliver women of their babies).

Though our main objective is to bring education to the less privileged, especially during this pandemic seeing as they cannot go to school and have no materials to read at home, we decided to not leave out provision for their other needs. Alongside a whole lot of books, we were able to give these children foods, backpacks and toys.

We were so glad that we got the chance to touch the hearts of the parents and students amongst the IDPs. They had kept on chorusing, "Thank you Aunties and Uncles". Well, I guess that is why we are the KidInNeed Society: to make others happy. This is our opportunity to give back to the society even though the pandemic makes this harder. The pandemic has brought with it a lot of uncertainty which has made many lose hope, but we are here to restore to the less privileged and lend them a helping hand, knowing that together we will make an impact.

These were some moments at the IDP camp in Durumi. We are definitely planning upcoming projects in many areas, to make as much impact as we can. Membership is still open all over the country. If you wish to be a member , make sure to fill out the form on the home page. Let others use these books piled up in your houses, books that might never be reopened. Thank you and Stay tuned.

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