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The KidInNeedSociety's GSS Galadimawa Outreach (22nd September, 2023)

This summer, the KidInNeedSociety continued its relentless commitment to education in Nigeria. In a concerted effort to promote literacy, especially among underprivileged students, we conducted a comprehensive community service outreach at the Government Senior Secondary School in Galadimawa, FCT, Abuja. The initiative was successfully executed, thanks to our determined team, a majority of whom are proud alumni of Loyola Jesuit College.

Early in the year, the KidInNeedSociety set the wheel in motion by donating a bookshelf to the Government Senior Secondary School - the first step in what became a concerted effort to bolster literacy in the school. This summer, following through with our commitment, we donated a plethora of books that filled up the previously donated shelf. These books, covering a wide array of topics and subjects, were offered to kindle the young minds' thirst for knowledge and enhance their educational resources.

Throughout the event, we urged the students to work hard, leveraging the resources now available to them. We encouraged them to transport themselves into the world of the written word - to dream, to question, and ultimately to learn. Those books were not merely pages filled with text but bridges to knowledge that has shaped generations, including ours.

The gratitude that was reflected in the eyes of the students, the warmth with which they received the books, and the eagerness they showed to explore the treasures within the donated books were truly heartening. As we left the premises, we not only felt a sense of accomplishment but also got the satisfaction of witnessing the spark of newfound curiosity in the young learners, which we believe will illuminate their paths ahead.

Bolstered by the success of this outreach, we at the KidInNeedSociety plan to continue our relentless efforts to spread literacy. We aim to reach out to more schools in Nigeria, spotlighting the transformative power of books and hoping to instill a lifelong love of learning in every child.

Engaging in our nation's education progress, the KidInNeedSociety reaffirms its commitment to Nigeria's future - the bright young minds at the grassroots level. We are confident that small acts of educational outreach, like the donation of these well-used books, can ripple out to make a substantial difference in our world—every book, every child, and every outreach matter.

As we continue to work together to illuminate the minds of our young ones with the limitless resources that education provides, we give gratitude to our parents for the guidance and support they gave us throughout this journey and to the school communities for accepting us with open arms.

Education is the most powerful gift we can use to change the world. So let's continue to lend our hands, no matter how little, in service by giving this gift to all those who have not been able to grasp it.


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1 Comment

Oct 28, 2023

Thank you for your dedication towards the advancement of education in the underdeveloped areas in Nigeria through kidinneed society . I am happy seeing young people devotIng their time and resources to ensurIng the under privileged enjoy a minimum quality education. Keep up the good work!

Dr. Chioma

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