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GSS Kabusa September Donations

Rounding up at JSS Galadimawa, we realized that the day was still young, so we agreed that we had enough time to embark on our second outreach of the day. So Daniel Omokhojie, Terseer Abwa, and I hopped back into my Dad’s truck, making our way through the depths of Kabusa. As we went deeper into the rural area, the tarred roads turned to rough paths, and once again, my father’s driving skills, as well as his Ranger, were put to the test. His efforts were not in vain as after about ten minutes in the village, our destination came into sight.

I had previously informed the Principal of our intended visit and he was quite enthusiastic about it, ushering us to come as soon as possible. When we arrived at Government Secondary School, Kabusa, we were greeted by the principal as well as the curious eyes of the students peering through the windows.

Settled in the principal's office, we delivered a brief explanation of the Kidinneedscoiety’s mission. It was apparent however that he didn't need this briefing because the Kidinneedsociety had previously visited his school before. He was delighted and commended our efforts, pointing out that this sort of activity is a rare sighting in Africa, which is a sad truth. He encouraged us to continue spreading knowledge to young Nigerians and use what we have to help those who don't have.

We donated about sixty hardback notebooks and three hundred senior textbooks to the school and spoke to some of the excited students, including the head boy, who helped us carry the books. We addressed them, explaining our plans and hopes for them and imploring them to use their newly acquired resources as well as they could.

Later that day, we received a letter of gratitude from one of the supportive teachers on behalf of the school. We are very grateful for this letter and we hope to collaborate with G.S.S. Kabusa continuously in the future.

-Chikamjibiri Mbakwe.

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