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GSS Apo September Donations:

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Motivated by the appreciative words of the principals and the students’ grateful smiles of the past week, we decided to maintain momentum and embark on another outreach the following week.

For this week’s outreach, my sole partner in crime was the one and only Terseer Abwa. To begin the day, we assembled at my house to plan out our day. Using the results from research and inquiries we made earlier, we decided that our destination for the day would be Government Secondary School, Apo located in the Apo resettlement area. We loaded two large bags of books containing roughly forty hardback notebooks and two hundred and fifty senior textbooks.

We began our journey to the school at around 11 p.m. The journey to the school wasn’t easy, but our beloved chauffeur (my humble father : )) with decades of road experience, proved that the untarred roads were no match for us.

On getting there, the principal, teachers, and students greeted us with much hospitality. We spoke to the English teacher who turned out to be a huge supporter of our mission to give our youth the resources to pursue their goals and dreams. He appreciated us for coming out to the school and showed gratitude on the principal's behalf.

Terseer, my dad, and I were privileged to speak to some students. This group, mainly made out of SS3 (12th grade) students was excited by our visit and was grateful to be one of the benefactors of the Kidinneedsociety’s cause. We wished them the best in their exams and urged them to make use of our donated resources to the best of their ability. We got into the car as some of the students waved us a heartwarming goodbye.

We left the school with an empty trunk, but we gained so much that day: the wise words of the English teacher, the gratitude and adoration of the students, etc. Moreover, our motivation has not dimmed, and this definitely won't be my last outreach of the year.

- Chikamjibiri Mbakwe

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