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Made it to Rwanda ✈

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

As promised, we have gone outwards. Though it has been difficult handling outreaches because of the lockdown and some members are boarders, the KidInNeedsociety is still growing.

It was on 25th October, 2020. The very day I will never forget because it marked the day I had to learn some of the most powerful and important life lessons.

As most of us take it for granted, I woke up, and my teammates had planned to do a charity deed. We had planned to help some needy families. In the afternoon, we had to go, the weather turned worse, it started to rain almost forcing us to stay at home. My team was determined we waited for the rain to stop, which fortunately happened. The roads were muddy but still we had to move on and do what we have planned to do.

Upon our arrival in the first family we have planned to help, we found much happiness. The family was indeed poor and only the single mother had to look after her kids. The kids were just happy, with no concern of what they needed as a family. The thing that I appreciated most is how they did not allow their physical needs to grab them off their happiness. I learnt we ought not to be blinded by what we need and forget to look and appreciate what we already have. Therefore, we always have to be grateful regardless of our circumstances because the one thing to appreciate in our lives is always present and never absent.

In addition, as we had planned our team reached the second scheduled family. A single mother taking care of all her five kids. The family was truly needy. The kids’ mother was in so much pain, which she shared with us. Some may think that the woman’s pain was due to how needy her family was but it is false. Her disobedient eldest son brought her pain. After seeing how poor his family was, the first born decided to escape and just move to the street, and started being engaged in drugs. Of everything that happened in the woman’s life, having her child on the street was the most hurtful experience to the woman. However, we all noticed how the woman always hoped for the best. She still believed that the best for her family was on the way. In life, we must always see the bright side of the current situation no matter what.

Lastly, our team moved to the third family, which marked the end of our journey. Just like other families overlooking their needs, the family was amazing. The kids were funny and happy with their single mother too. The woman still never missed church prayers and she was so grateful for everything. She had courage to work and feed her kids and we thanked her.

All in all, our team’s journey was full of blessings and joy. I bet that each of my teammates learnt life- transforming lessons. We always have to appreciate whatever we have in our lives not comparing ourselves with others because comparison will take away the peace and happiness you ought to be enjoying. Above all, one does not have to be great to help others, but with a loving heart, together we can do great deeds. Offering any sort of assistance or aid to other people will bring to you the deepest feeling of contentment you can ever think of.

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2 commentaires

Ifunanya Mbakwe
Ifunanya Mbakwe
21 mars 2022

God bless KidInNeedsociety


09 févr. 2021

Good to know you have gone beyond borders in assisting kids in need.

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