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GSS Apo March Donations: let's go!

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

After the KidInNeedsociety was established in June 2020, we carried out projects and educational outreaches at Internally Displaced Person's Camps (IDP camps), Destitute homes, and villages.

Ever since I started this society, it has been my dream to help in the equipping of public school libraries that are in lack and to help in supplying students with textbooks and other educational materials.

And that, we started.

Prior to our donation, my friend, Michelle Winter, and I went to survey the Government Secondary School in Apo. The school was located using Google Maps. From our research, we found out it was a Senior Secondary school with a population of about 720 students. They had appropriate facilities: lots of classes, good amount of desks, and sports grounds (a basketball court and soccer pitch). On meeting the principal, we told him about our society and our hope to supply the school with books necessary for the education of their students. We proceeded to speak to the librarian, Mr. Simon, to inquire about the needs of the library.

While the library had numerous shelves, only a quarter of them were filled. They had numerous Mathematics and English Language textbooks, but the other subjects were barely represented. It was obvious which books we would be donating to GSS Apo. We spoke to him about the possible impacts of these books and he said they will be more than appreciated.

Then, the donation day came. Sikeee! Chantelle, Winter, and I were not able to donate the books as planned. We arrived just before the school closing time. Also, the library was locked and the librarian was out of sight. But, we will be back.

The Donation Day!

This time around, it was Agodi and I. We had loaded about 6 big cartons with stamped books donated to the KidInNeedsociety (we use cartons because they are easily portable). We made the donation before the delightful school administration and a couple of prefects. This was the first time we were helping equip a library and it felt amazing. We spoke to the prefects who assured us the library was used by students and the impact of this donation will be felt. After the school stamped the books, they were put up on the shelves.

During the outreach, we were informed of the Christian Students' Association's need for a pulpit and musical instruments which we've not been able to provide. The Principal also told us that a few students, especially those that worked as houseboys and house girls, were maltreated physically and sexually by their bosses. There is not much we can do now, but we believe letting more people know about this might cause their employers to be more cautious and might trigger some others to sponsor these students.

We cannot wait to revisit Government Secondary School, Apo, and this time, you might be one of us. Stay posted ;)

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