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Bigger and better #3

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Well, normally the headline will read a place then Mission. Mission 3 was unique and a start to great things. This mission 3 is special because it was executed in different states in Nigeria- Abuja (FCT), Lagos and Akwa-Ibom states to be precise and all on the 22nd of August. This time, we widened our impact by going to an IDP camp, a trafficked persons' home and a destitute home. Once again, we were able to bring smiles on the faces of children and adolescents.


The KidInNeed Society in Abuja visited the Wassa IDP camp close to the Apo Mechanic village. Considering the fact that the location is not on Google Maps, it was a bit hard to find, but we had one of our parents locate the area before we came. This trip was another eyeopener.

The people of the Wassa IDP camp, though lucky to live in an incomplete estate rather than in made zinc houses, were not very different from those at the IDP camps we had visited previously. They had little food, clothes, and health equipment.

We met women and children who had been displaced from their homes in Northern Nigeria . They had no option but to seek shelter in the camp where they barely get by.

When we arrived, mothers dashed towards us hoping to get anything to immediately tend to their wards. Once the order was restored, we set up our stand and began to distribute the relief materials we had gathered.

Later on, we had a little chat with the camp's chairman. He informed us that the people living in the camp were majorly residents of Borno State whose houses and farmlands were destroyed due to terrorist attacks. We were told that the IDPs were 2380 and had a high percentage of women and children. He further informed us that they were lacking in basic amenities such as food, clean water, and even medicine.

- NWOKOLO Chidaalu, Vice-president

a little view of the incomplete estate inhabited by the Wassa IDPs



While a part of this unique mission took place at Abuja, members of the KidInNeed society Lagos were sending their donations to The Okababa Destitute home. The Destitute home, popularly known as the beggars' colony, is located in Ebute Metta. It is home to the crippled, lepers and poor. These people fled here to find shelter and their means of survival include hawking, begging and doing menial jobs. The destitute home - a 118 room hostel- houses about 3000 people meant for less than 500 people. The Okababa destitute home lacks good water, adequate education, proper sewage systems, food, clothes, health care and sanitary items. The children are made to beg on the streets under the scorching heat.

Once the KidInNeed society found out about the Okababa Destitute home, we planned to have a mission. We were able to send the kids donations of books to aid their learning process. The children and other members of the home were very excited by our donation because they had not been able to go to school due to the COVID - 19 pandemic. The 300 children students and 70 adults students now have more resources that the youth Corper Zahara Dean can use to teach them.

- ARINOSO Motolani, Lagos head



On the 22nd of August, a member of that Akwa Ibom state branch of the KidInNeedsociety visited the Nneka Ajie Head Counselling and rehabilitation center No. 13 Udoumana Street, off Oron Road, Uyo. This is a home for women and children that had been previously trafficked. Most times these trafficked persons end up traumatised. Institutions such as this one are put in place to help the trafficked regain mental and physical strength.

Being the only member of this branch, he had to go alone. However, this trip was as exciting as it could get. He met various people in need of help. He listened to their stories of course and had the chance of donating various books, school bags and food to help them get by. He wasn't just there to give them donations but to give them a listening ear and to be a friend of theirs. He was able to learn more about the practical negative effects of trafficking humans rather than just hearing at a civic class.

- UKPONG Winston, Akwa-Ibom head


Though they all expressed a lot of gratitude, they asked us to spread the word of their existence and ask more people to donate. Let's help them out of their poor situation and make Nigeria better.

The Kidinneedsociety is an opportunity not to be taken for granted. It is beneficial as it gives back to your community, and at the same time, help people in the process. It aims to provide help to the less privileged in Nigeria and beyond.

We have been able to get membership requests from other African countries including Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Lesotho and hope to actualize the KidInNeedsociety in these places.

However, it is important to get all the help needed as this is not an easy task. As such, we call on all citizens to assist in any way they can (through membership or donations of any kind). You have the potential to help a kid in need :) stay tuned.

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